Unearth - We Are Not Anonymous

I gotta say these guys have stepped it up once again. So far this album sounds like a good fusion of the last two. The intense speed and technicality of In The Eyes of Fire and the catchy rythms of The Oncoming Storm.
- toast

Slipknot Film New Video

Dead Memories is going to be the second single released from the Knots latest album, All Hope Is Gone, and is supposed to be airing soon
- toast


And to top off Alice.....

Friday The 13th Remake pics

His trailer home?

Jason Unmasked

- toast

New Photos From Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Remake

- toast

New Mudvayne Single

Do What You Do
Mudvayne's first single from The New Game
- toast


New DS to come out soon

Last weekend, it was announced that Nintendo plans to make a new version of the DS this year. Not ye officially confirmed the new DS is said to have a built-in camera, music options and better wireless feedback.
- toast

Cassidy and Murda Mook Squash Beef

- toast

Place Your Bets

So i was watching the Glutton Bowl on TV just now and it made me wonder, why do all of these people look like they belong at a bus stop somewhere?

Maybe its just me
- toast

kevins long lost brother?


yah bitch yah

- toast


Mega Man Knitted Hat

i peeped this at Kotaku some dude got his wife to make him a Mega Man winter cap.

- toast


Been slackin in the Blogging world lately due to school, studying for final exams, and making sure i have completed any assignments i missed during the last 10 weeks, but this is my week off so....there should be plenty more shit to come. - toast

Frank Miller's The Spirit

- toast


Funny Video Hour....Er Minute.....Funny Video Time

You ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of those Spanish radio shows?

Looks retarded at first watch around 3:00

Three words that don't go together French Badass Kangaroo



Transformers 2 Title is quite literal

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen is actually more direct than the title seems. The Fallen is actually the name of one of the original 13 transformers and appeared in the comic books. The story says The Fallen is some bad ass robot that escapes from prison and puts together an army, forcing the Autobots and the Decepticons to team up in order to fight against him
- toast

Travis Barker and DJ AM Expected To Recover

After Being announced to be in critical, but stable condition Travis Barker and DJ AM are expected to recover. The recovery can take up to a year. Barker suffered burns to the torso, while DJ AM suffered burns to his hands and head. Both are being treated for 2nd and 3rd degree burns.
- toast

KoRn Recording Song for Nightmare Before Christmas

KoRn has posted studio footage of the recording of the remake of "Kidnap the Sandy Clause"
The song comes from the forthcoming album, "Nightmare Revisited" which is a collection of songs from A Nightmare Before Christmas by popular artists.

1. Devotchka- Overture
2. Danny Elfman- Opening
3. Marilyn Manson- This Is Halloween
4. All American Rejects- Jack's Lament
5. Amina- Dr. Finkelstein/In The Forest
6. Flyleaf- What's This?
7. Polyphonic Spree- Town Meeting Song
8. The Vitamin String Quartet- Jack and Sally Montage
9. Sparklehorse- Jack's Obsession
10. Korn- Kidnap The Sandy Claws
11. Rise Against- Making Christmas
12. Yoshida Brothers- Nabbed
13. Tiger Army- Oogie Boogie's Song
14. Amy Lee- Sally's Song
15. RJD2- Christmas Eve Montage
16. Plain White T's- Poor Jack
17. Datarock- To The Rescue
18. Finale/Reprise- Shiny Toy Guns
19. Danny Elfman- Closing
20. The Album Leaf- End Title
21. Rodrigo Y Gabriela- Oogie Boogie's Song

The Song

- toast

Sarah Palin

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

- toast

The Koolest Pool Trick Shot EVER

This shit had my jaw wide open

- toast


John Davis Covers Lil Wayne

So John Davis covered Lil Wayne and T-Pain's Got Money. link
Got Money
if u want to DL this track right click save as
- toast


Pink Floyd's Keyboardist Found Dead

Pink Floyd keyboardist and co-founder Richard Wright died today of cancer at his home in Britain at the age of 65
- toast

New Godforbid Song

Who brought it to you first bitches? Nah you can check this tune on the band's official myspace.

- toast

De Blob Multiplayer

September 22nd
- toast

Original Gameboy Bombed but Still Works

Below is a video of an original Gameboy that still works after being bombed in the Gulf War,and currently resides at the Nintendo World Store in NYC. That there is some fine craftsmanship. What better game to play on it than tetrishhh beyotch!

But who's playing the game you ask. It's obviously the ghost of a dead Gameboy loving Gulf War soldier. O.o
- toast

Unearth Film New Video in New Bedford!!!!!

So my eyes almost popped out of my head when i saw this."My Will Be Done" was shot yesterday at Orpheum Theater.

"It's really cool here, it's dusty and kind of dilapidated," vocalist Trevor Phipps told SouthCoastToday.com as the band paused during filming. "We tour all the time but we've never been in New Bedford before."

"We contacted the city and they were very helpful. They sent us some pictures and we really liked this location.

"Actually, it's even better than the pictures. This band has a huge sound and they needed a big space to match that visually. This place is massive and the way it looks fits right in with metal."

I gotta say its pretty kool when one of your favorite bands films a video in your hometown. I mean me and Noodle spent a good amount of time hanging out right across the street from that place where he used to live. We even saw some kid destroy his bike in the parking lot.

- toast


Sonic Unleased Trailer

So here's the trailer for the next installment of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise which i'm more than positive will be another butchered attempt to milk the last drop of milk from Sega fans teets. Trailer looks decent but lets face it, it will suck. Sonic = The Metallica of videogames

- toast

You can't say these aren't sweet

I never wear ties or watches, but these i would deff give a shot lol.

- toast

The Dark Knight Heath's Last Movie.........Maybe Not

Here is the trailer for The "Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" and im sure no matter how good or horrible this movie ends up being it will make lots of money. Not to mention Johnny Depp and Collin Farell are in it too.

- toast

Wolverine vs. The Hulk Animated Movie to Come Out

Lionsgate film launched their slate of Direct-To-DVD/Blu-Rayj Marvel Comic shorts
this is a 33min continuation of issue 181 of THE INCREDIBLE HULK.

- toast

Mushroom Men:The Spore Wars

So here's a game that doesn't look to great at first. It kind of reminds me of those throwback type Boogerman Earthworm Jim Toejam and Earl type of Sega games. Which i really liked. Not to mention Les Claypool is making all of the music tracks for the game. I'm gonna give this one a try. Probly rent it.

- toast



So i dont know why but in Internet Explorer alot of the text on my blog is smaller than a midgets penis i have no control over this so I'm trying everything I can I thing it has something to do with Google Chrome because that's what i've been using lately and it looks fine in Chrome. Uggg! BARE WITH ME
- toast

Funny Logos

- toast

Ok I'm not gonna lie this one got me at first

- toast

Glow in the Dark Cats

So somewhere some South Korean scientists transferred genes into some cloned cat's embryos so that they glowed red under ultraviolet light.
Result: Glow in the dark pussy
- toast


Funny Shit

- toast

Kanye West Arrested

Kanye was arrested this morning at Los Angeles International Airport because he felt his privacy was violated.

He smashed a photographer's camera after a scuffle, which was caught by a TMZ videographer. Noticing this, Kanye and his assistant chased the video cameraman, demanding the tape.
- toast

Children of Bodom Smile Pretty for the Devil Video

- toast

Seth Macfarlane does Super Mario

So the family guy creator has a new thing where he does animated shorts. Family Guy American dad Esk. This was funny.

- toast


Couple Knee Slappers

My arm! My arm!!!! Im an evil bastard lol

Boards a fuckin day old!

Ok this is just kool. I'm gonna do this someday

- toast

OK i just creamed myself

Some genius somewhere mad a top loading custom NES that looks like a toaster. Fuck Yeas!
- toast

3 Tool songs confirmed for Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero: World Tour will feature the songs will be "Schism," "Parabola" and "Vicarious" from Tool. The game will also feature a custom stage designed by the band.
The game's ship date, as of now, is 10/27/08
- toast

Korn set to go on break

Korn is taking a break, and not writing their new album until next year
John Davis had this to say regarding the matter.
"We've been going fifteen years and we need to just chill out for awhile. And you know me, I got to keep playing, I got to keep writing music so I don't go crazy, so I decided it would be a perfect time to do this. It's not like a hiatus or anything, we're still all good, it's just when everybody's ready, we'll get back together and go do it. We just need to recharge our batteries and get hungry again."
My question is: wtf happened to David?
- toast

Patriots kinda fucked

Tom Brady tore an ACL in his knee, supposed to be out for the season, and Sam Cassel sucks penis- toast

James Bond: Quantum of Solice - Trailor

The supposed "darkest" Bond movie to date.

- toast

Scars On Broadway: World Long Gone Video

The first video from the debut album. Nice beard Daron lovin the ZZ Top look
- toast


Joey Jordison was a Coke Addict

In the upcoming addition of Kerrang! Slipknot's drummer discusses his addiction for the first time and how he overcame it.
"I realized I had a problem with narcotics when I realized that I wasn't just hurting myself, I was hurting the people around me," Jordison told Kerrang! "I had a real moment of clarity last year. My girlfriend at the time, a girl who I thought I was gonna be with forever, cheated on me and I went on a three-week coke binge. I actually wrote some of the riffs for the new album ['All Hope Is Gone'] around that time"
Then went on to talk about even buying his own grave.
"It's over down on Second Avenue [in SLIPKNOT's home town of Des Moines, Iowa]," he said. "That's what being in SLIPKNOT does to you."
read the whole article hear "It's over down on Second Avenue [in SLIPKNOT's home town of Des Moines, Iowa]," he said. "That's what being in SLIPKNOT does to you."
- toast

Kids Bop is Fucked Up

Im pretty sure this is real "shorty wanna thug"? tell me what u think.

All can I say is the next generation of children is fucked.
- toast


Google Chrome

Google's new browser has just been released and is receiving a lot of good reviews. I like it a lot I'm using it now. It's much faster than Firefox so if you're using FF or IE I suggest you give it a try.- toast


Jimi Hendrix Flaming Guitar Auctioned

Jimi Hendrix's famous Fender Stratocaster that was lit on fire on a stage in London after a legendary performance in 1967. The guitar was auctioned off by Dweezli Zappa son of Frank Zappa, who used it on his own 1976 album Zoot Allures after making it again playable. It was sold for $497,557
- toast

Mudvayne New Album Title and Track List

Mudvayne's "The New Game" is to be released Nov 14th tracklist is as follows:
1. Fish Out Of Water
2. Have It Your Way
3. A New Game
4. Dull Boy
5. Do What You Do
6. The Hate In Me
7. Scarlet Letters
8. Same Ol?
9. Never Enough
10. A Cinderella Story
11. We The People
- toast

Brian "Head" Welch Flush Video

Ex KoRn guitarist debuts the first video from his self title. It honestly sounds like Korn with heavy vocals and funny lyrics.Ok not just funny lyrics but like afternoon special lyrics. and that eye makeup kinda makes him look like a tranny.

"Flush all the puke I'm throwing up!
In the toilet this sucks!
Not a part of growing up!
Only spoils it" - toast

Painful Photos

- toast