Resident Evil 5 Trailer Extended

couple kool facts are that all the guns in the game are real weapons
also capcom has added a new co-op mode to the story
- toast


Blind Myself's new video

This is a kool little video with cartoon interpretations of Slipknot, Ozzy, Metallica, and someone even scarier
Blind Myself - Lost In Time

- toast

Unusual Costumes Take One

- toast

Back in Black

Had a week away from home. Would have posted some shit but i was working with dial-up so....yea fuck that. Pretty much just slept all week and got a chance to catch up with some old friends.

- toast


Unearth - We Are Not Anonymous

I gotta say these guys have stepped it up once again. So far this album sounds like a good fusion of the last two. The intense speed and technicality of In The Eyes of Fire and the catchy rythms of The Oncoming Storm.
- toast

Slipknot Film New Video

Dead Memories is going to be the second single released from the Knots latest album, All Hope Is Gone, and is supposed to be airing soon
- toast


And to top off Alice.....

Friday The 13th Remake pics

His trailer home?

Jason Unmasked

- toast