Unearth Film New Video in New Bedford!!!!!

So my eyes almost popped out of my head when i saw this."My Will Be Done" was shot yesterday at Orpheum Theater.

"It's really cool here, it's dusty and kind of dilapidated," vocalist Trevor Phipps told SouthCoastToday.com as the band paused during filming. "We tour all the time but we've never been in New Bedford before."

"We contacted the city and they were very helpful. They sent us some pictures and we really liked this location.

"Actually, it's even better than the pictures. This band has a huge sound and they needed a big space to match that visually. This place is massive and the way it looks fits right in with metal."

I gotta say its pretty kool when one of your favorite bands films a video in your hometown. I mean me and Noodle spent a good amount of time hanging out right across the street from that place where he used to live. We even saw some kid destroy his bike in the parking lot.

- toast

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